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DayLinesAdv draws horizontal lines for the previous day’s high, low, and close, as well as the current day’s open.
DaysBack parameter
The DaysBack parameter sets the number of days in the past for which the lines are to be placed onto the chart.
Include Weekends parameter This parameter manages the interaction with weekend price data. If IncludeWeekends = true, the price data for a trading session resulting from the weekend data is added to the last trading session.
This is generally applicable to traders in different time zones. For example, a trader located in Germany will receive EURUSD data that beginning on Sunday evenings in America. To add the couple of hours that are transcribed on Sunday to the previous Friday’s session, you simply need to set IncludeWeekends = true. The first picture shows IncludeWeekends = false:
IncludeWeekends = false
The second picture shows IncludeWeekends = true:
IncludeWeekends = true
Show Prices parameter If set to “true”, prices are displayed in addition to the line itself.
prices are displayed
Extend high lines and Extend low lines parameters. If set to “true”, the highs and lows that have not yet been „breached“ by the price will be extended onto the right-hand side of the chart using dotted lines.
highs and lows