The installation of the Technical Analysis Package is required in order to access this indicator.


This indicator is the counterpart to the VolumeSentimentLong and detects bearish volume activity based on the analysis of the volume of a period, the price span of a bar and the close of the bar (=VolumeSpreadAnalysis).

It screens for 3 signals (listed are the sub-criteria that must be met for the respective signal):

  • BuyingClimax (dark red) 6.12..1. Highest high since 50 periods 6.12..2. Bar with large range 6.12..3. Extremely high volume

  • SupplyComingIn (red) 6.12..1. DownBar 6.12..2. Previous Bar: UpBar 6.12..3. Previous Bar: Bar with large range 6.12..4.Previous Bar: Above-average high volume

  • EndOfRisingMarket (coral) 6.12..1. Highest high since 50 periods 6.12..2. UpBar 6.12..3. Bar with small range 6.12..4.Above-average high volume 6.12..5.Close smaller than or equal the middle of the bar

The VolumeSentiments provide the foundation for the calculation of the volume conditions; see point 5. When a bearish VolumeSentiment occurs, the bar is colored in the respective color of the signal; you can change this color in the parameter settings.


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