KeyReversalUpAtSMA searches within a predefined number of periods to find turning points with the following characteristics:

1 The current close is higher than the previous close 2 The current low is smaller than or equal to the lowest low within n bars 3 The current low has touched or breached an SMA

See KeyReversalUp, KeyReversalDown, KeyReversalDownAtSMA, KeyReversalUpAtEMA, KeyReversalDownAtEMA.


inSeries Input data series for the indicator period Number of bars included in the calculations SMAperiod Number of periods included in the calculation of the SMA

Return value


0 – No reversal information 1 – Reversal information found


KeyReversalUpAtSMA(int period, int SMAperiod)
KeyReversalUpAtSMA(IDataSeries inSeries, int period, int SMAperiod)
KeyReversalUpAtSMA(int period, int SMAperiod)[int barsAgo]
KeyReversalUpAtSMA(IDataSeries inSeries, int period, int SMAperiod)[int barsAgo]


// Look for a long entry
if (KeyReversalUpAtSMA(10)[0] == 1)
Print("A long reversal formation has occurred.");

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