The installation of the Technical Analysis Package is required in order to access this indicator.


Similarly, with this indicator you can also have your own volume profiles displayed. Here you can now determine the start and end time completely freely by clicking on your desired position. There are no restrictions as to where the calculation should start and end. In the upper right corner you have the setting options with which you can switch between the profile types (for a description of these, read more under VolumeSessionPro). With a click on the little red “+” under the profile settings, you can add a further volume profile to your chart; you do so by once again determining the start and end time by left-clicking. The settings and the display of the indicator are exactly equivalent to the VolumeSessionPro: via ProfileType you select which calculation method should be used; via ValueArea you determine the percentage for what portion of the volume area should be colored with the highest activity. The most effective way of working with the VolumeArea is to place this indicator in the action bar and assign it a hot key. In this way, if necessary, the indicator can be quickly called up and you can specify the desired volume area.


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