The installation of the Technical Analysis Package is required in order to access this indicator.


The KlingerVolumeOscillator is a technical indicator that was developed by Stephen Klinger in order to determine long-term trends of the money flow. At the same time, the indicator is sensitive enough to also identify short-term fluctuations, thereby giving the trader the possibility to detect even short-term reversals in the market. The indicator compares the influent and effluent volume of an instrument with its price movements, and is outputted as an oscillator. A signal line (13-period moving average) is used for generating signals. Divergences in the KlingerVolumeOscillator in comparison to the price movement can also be used for entry and exit decisions. A bullish signal is formed when the KlingerVolumeOscillator start to rise while the price continues to fall; the opposite goes for a bearish signal.


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