Directional Movement (DM)


The Directional Movement indicator is almost identical to the ADX, with the only difference that the +DM and -DM values are also calculated. These values are then later on used for the DMI.


The Directional Movement indicator is positive when the difference between the highs is at its largest.

Further information

See: Directional Movement Index (DMI)


DM(int period)
DM(IDataSeries inSeries, int period)
DM(int period)[int barsAgo]
DM(IDataSeries inSeries, int period)[int barsAgo]
//For the value of +DM
DM(int period).DiPlus[int barsAgo]
DM(IDataSeries inSeries, int period).DiPlus[int barsAgo]
//For the value of -DM
DM(int period).DiMinus[int barsAgo]
DM(IDataSeries inSeries, int period).DiMinus[int barsAgo]

Return value


When using this method with an index (e.g. DM(14).DiPlus[int barsAgo] ), the value of the indicator will be issued for the referenced bar.


inSeries Input data series for the indicator

period Number of bars included in the calculations



//Output of the DM values
Print("The current +DM value is: " + DM(14).DiPlus[0]);
Print("The current –DM value is: " + DM(14).DiMinus[0]);

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