PriorDayOHLC shows the values for yesterday’s (i.e. the previous session’s) open, high, low, and close. PriorDayOHLC works best when used together with the intraday data series.

PriorDayOHLCext PriorDayOHLCext For people in different time zones, PriorDayOHLCext makes it possible to set the IncludeWeekend parameter to “true”, which is helpful because all data originating from a Saturday or Sunday is treated as if it comes from the previous Friday’s session.

See CurrentDayOHL, DayLines.


inSeries Input data series for the indicator

Return value


When using this method with an index (e.g. PriorDayOHLC().PriorHigh[int barsAgo] ), the value of the indicator will be issued for the referenced bar.


PriorDayOHLC(IDataSeries inSeries)

//For the value of open
PriorDayOHLC().PriorOpen[int barsAgo]
PriorDayOHLC(IDataSeries inSeries).PriorOpen[int barsAgo]

//For the value of high
PriorDayOHLC().PriorHigh[int barsAgo]
PriorDayOHLC(IDataSeries inSeries).PriorHigh[int barsAgo]

//For the value of low
PriorDayOHLC().PriorLow[int barsAgo]
PriorDayOHLC(IDataSeries inSeries).PriorLow[int barsAgo]

//For the value of close
PriorDayOHLC().PriorClose[int barsAgo]
PriorDayOHLC(IDataSeries inSeries).PriorClose[int barsAgo]



// Value from the previous trading day
Print("Yesterday’s open was " + PriorDayOHLC().PriorOpen[0]);
Print("Yesterday’s high was " + PriorDayOHLC().PriorHigh[0]);
Print("Yesterday’s low was " + PriorDayOHLC().PriorLow[0]);
Print("Yesterday’s close was " + PriorDayOHLC().PriorClose[0]);

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