The installation of the Technical Analysis Package is required in order to access this indicator.


This indicator detects bullish volume activity based on the analysis of the volume of a period, the price span of a bar and the close of the bar (=VolumeSpreadAnalysis).

It screens for 3 signals (listed are the sub-criteria that must be met for the respective signal):

  • SellingClimax (dark green) 6.11..1. Lowest low since 50 periods 6.11..2. Bar with large range 6.11..3. Extremely high volume

  • DemandComingIn (lime green) 6.11..1. UpBar (current close larger than previous close) 6.11..2. Previous Bar: DownBar (close smaller than previous close) 6.11..3. Previous Bar: Bar with large range 6.11..4. Previous Bar: Above-average high volume

  • BagHolding (light green) 6.11..1. Lowest low since 50 periods 6.11..2. DownBar 6.11..3. Bar with small range 6.11..4. Above-average high volume 6.11..5. Close larger than or equal to the middle of the bar

The VolumeSentiments provide the foundation for the calculation of the volume condition; see point 5. When a bullish VolumeSentiment occurs, the bar is colored in the respective color of the signal; you can change this color in the parameter setting


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